A downloadable game for Windows

Arena is my throwback to brawlers and fighting games. for github game off 2017. 

This is my first time using Godot Engine and Gale. The source repository can be found at :


Credit to my sister who did some artwork for me on her busy schedule for the background. Beware my programmer art for the characters.

Note that I did not build Mac and Linux because I do not have a machine to test them. I tested it on a mac but there seems to be an issue so I am not sure about that. Anyway I am very happy that I finally finished something this year.

Please enjoy.

Install instructions

You should be able to just download and run the arena.exe on windows. It will load up in a window, you also should be able to resize it.

Game controls are in the character select screen after the title screen. There should be a prompt to tell you what to press but here is a duplicate of the controls in case you need them:

P1/P2 Controls:
w / up / dpad up/left stick: Move/Walk UP 
s / down / dpad down/left stick: Move/Walk DOWN
a / left / dpad left/left stick: Move/Walk LEFT
d / right / dpad right/left stick: Move/Walk RIGHT
space / enter / Controller Start : start
t / numpad 7 / Controller X: attack 
y / numpad 8 / Controller A : jump 

Shift+Q to Exit Game


Arena.exe 37 MB

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